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Oceanfront property: an historic, luxury home: an affordable price
Is this beachfront mansion in warm, tropical Brazil your dream come true?

Your dream
  • retirement in luxury
  • life in a tropical paradise
  • an escape from the rat race
  • an exotic vacation home
  • beachfront living

Can you picture yourself here, relaxing in your own magnificent oceanfront home, right on the sandy shores of a tropical beach, waited on by your own personal staff? Can you imagine enjoying all this while you rest easy, knowing the small investment in your dream is appreciating and growing in value?

Now, your dream can come true - at an astonishingly affordable price!

Your dream home

  • Historic (206 years old), meticulously restored luxury beachfront villa 
  • 450 square meters, 13 rooms, under roof including 3 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and staff accommodations
  • fully furnished with high quality, custom made furniture
  • oceanfront property, 3200+ square meters 
  • lush gardens and established tropical fruit trees

Does this Portuguese manor house style colonial residence sound too good to be true?  Unbelievably, this is a luxury you can afford. Find out more details about the property, the furnishings and the price.  Or have a look at the gallery, and picture yourself here.

Your dream home location

  • Sao Tome de Paripe, 40 minutes from Salvador, Bahia, northeast Brazil
  • a “true tropical paradise of year-round warmth, physical beauty and sensual culture rich in folkloric traditions”1
  • close to a bustling local market, “Paripe”, for all your fresh, local produce and more
  • 35 minutes by car to modern shopping centres and supermarkets for all your ‘western’ needs
  • part of a colourful, vibrant, exotic landscape and culture

Similar to Rio de Janeiro, Sao Tome is a city of both considerable wealth and substantial poverty.  The beachfront is occupied by wealthy homeowners in grand homes and is spotted with small shops and accommodation.  The neighbourhoods in the hills behind the beachfront are known in Portuguese as “Favelas” – poor shanty towns. 

Sao Tome is colourful, but safe.  Here, you can enjoy life in a tropical paradise at a price you can afford. 

The story behind your dream home

Hello, I am Seppel Egger. I am privately selling this dream home, which my wife Jacqueline and I bought in 2008 and have lovingly and meticulously restored.  We bought this tropical seaside home with a vision of living here long term, enjoying the privileged and relaxed tropical lifestyle.
Unfortunately, the global financial crisis has affected our financial position, forcing us to return to our home of Australia and to reluctantly put our luxurious beachfront mansion on the market.

We love this dream home.  We love Bahia, Brazil.  We love the local environment and culture.  We want to pass on the pleasure of this tropical villa and delightful lifestyle to another owner who will enjoy it as much as we have.  Could you be the lucky next owner of this seaside mansion?

5 steps to make your dream home a reality

1) Have a look through the gallery, the property details and the FAQ page to find out all you need to know. 
2) Contact me directly for more details. 
3) Purchase the luxurious house and oceanfront property for only US$398,000.
4) Grab your personal belongings and move right in: your dream home is fully furnished and equipped.
5) Sit back, relax and enjoy your idyllic, tropical lifestyle.

Are you ready to live your dream?  Contact me now.

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